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Mary Weber is a licensed landscape architect who brings experience and creativity to each design project, along with a commitment to environmental sustainability. She is a DBE/WBE/HUB certified woman-owned business in the state of North Carolina.

Mary has practiced landscape architecture and planning in Asheville, North Carolina since 1990. She received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle and a  Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado.

She is passionate about making urbanized areas more livable and vibrant by preserving and integrating nature into our cities, creating a sense of place and community, and  providing safe options for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit travel. Her work is noteworthy for the use of native plants and materials and a regionally appropriate design style. She is experienced in handling topographic, stormwater runoff, and other challenges in creative and environmentally-sensitive ways.

Experience working in both the private and public sector has provided Mary with a broad design and planning background. She has been employed by the Asheville Planning Department and been a consultant on numerous projects with the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, and other municipalities, making her  proficient at guiding commercial and residential development projects through the design review and permit process.

Mary is active in the Asheville community and is the current chair of the Asheville Greenways Committee and serves on the City of Asheville Multimodal Transportation Commission.


“Mary is the essence of Professionalism. She is professional, thorough and precise in the product and design she comes up with. I would recommend her any time”.
Michael J. Peronti, Principal at TPA Construction Consultants, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary on several different complex projects, installing playgrounds into landscapes she has designed. We have had to work together closely to ensure that all the playground safety guidelines are followed while remaining true to her aesthetic vision.  She has high standards and gently but firmly insists on quality work throughout, and at the same time she is flexible and works to resolve problems that arise in ways that satisfy everyone.”
Evelyn Anderson, Owner/CEO at Asheville Playgrounds

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